Classic Milk Tea Protein Powder - 15 Pack
Classic Milk Tea Protein Powder - 15 Pack
Classic Milk Tea Protein Powder - 15 Pack
Classic Milk Tea Protein Powder - 15 Pack

Classic Milk Tea Protein Powder - 15 Pack

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Our Classic Milk Tea Protein is made with 100% premium grass-fed whey isolate and authentic black tea. Enjoy the real, delicious taste of classic milk tea and treat yourself after every workout without compromising on your gains! Our combination of ingredients results in a naturally creamy, sweet, and aromatic treat similar to the nostalgic taste of classic milk tea we all know and love!


  • 24g of protein
  • 6g of BCAAs
  • Lactose-free
  • No artificial ingredients

How To Enjoy
Mix one pack with 8 ounces of water or milk until well blended. For best results, use milk and a shaker bottle.


Grass-Fed Whey Protein

Premium quality protein rich in antioxidants and hormone free

Lactose Free

Say bye to bubble gut with our easily digestible and clean protein

Naturally Sweetened

Our sweeteners help lower blood pressure and inflammation levels
No Artificial Colors or Ingredients will ever be used in our supplements. Our formulas are 100% natural

No Artificial Ingredients

All of our colors and flavors come from natural food sources

Customer Reviews

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Our protein has been derived from cows that have been allowed to roam freely and to graze on natural lush green grass. It has also undergone additional filtration and processing, resulting in a much purer form of protein, meaning that the user gets more protein per serving. The fact that it comes from grass-fed cattle means that it is much better quality. All in all, this is the highest quality whey protein you can get, so it was only right to use grass-fed whey in our protein.

Studies show that regular consumption of artificial flavors and sweeteners may be harmful to our health. Since we know most people will be taking our protein daily, we thought it was best to stay away from artificial ingredients which is why we made all of our formulas all-natural.

Although whey protein is derived from milk, our protein is micro filtrated which allows for virtually all of the lactose to be eliminated. Now lactose intolerant people can finally enjoy our whey protein without getting an upset, bloated stomach!

We spent 2 years in R&D perfecting each and every one of our flavors to get it as close to the real thing as possible. The combination of ingredients we use results in a naturally creamy, sweet, and aromatic treat. Similar to the milk tea we all know and love. We sweeten our products with a combination of all-natural sweeteners including stevia, erythritol, and a pinch of cane sugar to tie all the ingredients together and get rid of the aftertaste that comes with natural sweeteners.

At KENKOU, the health of our consumers is our number one priority. All of our ingredients were carefully picked and formulated to create the best combination of health, performance, and taste. In the current supplement market, it is extremely difficult to find products that taste good, use all-natural ingredients, and use high quality protein. However, at KENKOU, we check all the criteria of a premium product.

Yes, all of our products are produced in a FDA approved facility. We follow strict guidelines from the FDA and maintain the highest safety standards. This means all of our products and ingredients will always be safe to consume. We value full transparency so you will never have to question what is in our products.